Player transfers are players that can be purchased through the store, or via trading with friends. There are 4 types of transfers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Plus (also known as Platinum) Transfers.

Bronze Transfers:

The lowest rated players available, are accessible to any level. They are also the cheapest, and contain 5 "professional" players.. with a maximum rating in the 60's. Each set costs 10000 Coins, or 8 Playfish Credits.

Silver Transfers:

The second set in the game, need no minimum level, so are accessible to all player. Each set costs 25000 Coins, or 20 Playfish Credits. They are the second best in the game. They have a maximum rating of around 70.

Gold Transfers:

They are the best players available in the game, despite not being the best set. They contain 5 players, rated above 70, with a player guaranteed rated above 75. They cost 65000 coins or 60 Playfish Credits. A user must be a minimum level of 10 in order to purchase with Gold Coins.

Gold Plus Transfers:

Are the same as Gold transfers, only they have a player rated 80+ guaranteed, as part of the pack. The remaining 4 can be normal Gold transfers. They are currently available only via Playfish cash, and cost 90 Credits each.

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